Flowerfetti Cakes – A Fresh New Cake Trends 2020 – 2021

Your first slice of cake is a symbol of unity with your partner. It embodies the tenderness that you have for each other. Just like love, the flowers complement each other. For a perfect flowerfetti cake, you can use popular flowers. Flowerfetti cakes will transform your wedding cake into a objet d’art. If you are not confident in picking out your own flowers, consult an expert florist to help you.You can also ask your chefs’ and cooks’ experiences, on handling such ingredients, if they feel comfortable working with it.

The bottom line is it is your wedding. It is the day when your fantasies come true and dreams are blended with reality. Edible flowers can help you build that fairytale to life.

Top Ideas for a Flowerfetti Cake 2021 – foto

Some edible flowers have very soft petals which can absorb the fat from butter cream if they are left on the cake for too long.

Even if you are not planning on eating the flowers on your cake it is still so important to use edible petals

To make sure it’s pretty, we’ve put together a guide to Flowerfetti Cakes – ideas for decorating, which flowers to use.

For a beautiful flowerfetti cake, it is important to point out that you can’t use just any flowers to decorate your cake. Not all flowers are edible and many florals can be quite harmful if eaten. If using petals from your own garden ensure that the species and variety are definitely edible.

A list of our favourite edible petals Rose Dianthus Marigold Orange Pansy Viola Begonia Daisy Lilac Hibiscus Nasturtium Mallow Sweet Violet
Never push stalks into your cake to decorate it, if using full flowers use flower picks
Edible petals are best picked fresh so get them from the garden the day you are using them

Different petals have different tastes so best test your choices to check they work well with the cake flavour.

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